TANZI® Leaders Air Drill System

Air Cart


Our Air Cart´s can be hitched to the different models of seeders and planters. You can choose among 3 different versions: 12,000 and 14,500 litres of capacity with 2 compartments or 16,500 litres of capacity with 3 compartments. All of them are equipped with an air drill system of dosage of great international prestige, which assures an excellent and even distribution in each opener.

But this is not all, the great innovation is found in the system of interchangeable dose meter boxes. You can use the box with metering roll for seeding and fertilization or the TANZI VDS supplies conduction box ( TANZI patented system) for coarse grain planting with row metering units.

  • Versions of 12,000 and 14,500 litres with 2 compartments (60%-40%)
  • Version of 16,500 litres with 3 compartments
  • Air Drill metering system of great prestige and proven efficiency.
  • Possibility of engage TANZI VDS supplies conduction box to use with row planter metering units.
  • Optional of electrohydraulic distribution with modification of seed rate and fertiliser from the tractor cab. It allows variable/prescription seeding and fertilisation by prescription maps.
Technical specifications


12.000 l

14.500 l

16.500 l

  • Pressurised compartments that assure an excellent flow of supplies.
  • Exclusive version of 16,500 litres and 3 compartments, ideal for seeding or planting with double fertilization.
  • Air Drill metering system of great prestige and proven efficiency at international level, which assures an excellent and even distribution in each opener.
  • Distribution boxes made completely of non-ferrous materials to avoid corrosion due to the use of fertilizers.
  • Each distribution box is equipped with a quick-change corrugated roller. With 3 different types of rollers (low, medium and high rate) it is possible to seed all kinds of seeds, including pastures, and apply any solid fertilizer or granulated insecticide.
  • Infinitely variable gearboxes.
  • The fan, of extraordinary flow, allows to transport any kind of supply and at the same time it mantains the hopper pressurised, causing a constant and even pressure of the seed/fertilizer over the distributor
  • Exclusive system of electrostatic powder coating that provides great resistance to impacts, durability and the best superficial finish of the industry.
  • Tyres 23.1 26 or extra wide 28 L 26.
  • Equipped with a high technology computer to monitor the state of the seeder, either the fan RPM, shafts rotation, hopper levels, forward speed and all the seeding statistics of up to 100 different plots.
  • Auxiliary circuit to operate with open centre tractors.
  • Load/unload conveyor.
  • Extra fast load/unload auger of 250 mm.
  • Electromechanical gearboxes that allow for variable seeding and fertilzation as well as rate calibration from the tractor cab.
  • Electrohydraulic motors that allow to perform variable seeding and fertilization as well as rate calibration from the tractor cab.


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