TANZI® Leaders Air Drill System



In TANZI we focus on creating machines for farmers to find their full potential and the new TIGON is another result of that. With more than 30 years of experience in no-till seeders, we have developed this innovative high performance single-disk system machine.

The new TIGON is built in a robust and heavy chassis that will allow you to work in the most demanding conditions of no-till seeding. With up to 8 meters of work width and 5000 liters of input capacity with one, two or three tanks, it will allow you to seed large area with low refilling time. Its flexible chassis, unique in its segment, will ensure perfect copying on any type of terrain. The seed controller with ISOBUS technology, available as an option, will allow you to seed and fertilize with absolute control, applying variable doses through prescription maps and making automatic head cutting.

All in all; an unparalleled sum of benefits to ensure your success in no-till seeding!

  • For no-till seeding of fine grains, soybeans and pastures.
  • Versions of 3, 5, 6 and 8 meters working width.
  • 3 meters transport width.
  • Single disk openers that provide long lifespan and minimum cost of maintenance.
  • Row spacing of 19.1 cm.
  • Hopper with 5.000 liters of capacity with 1, 2 or 3 deposits for seeds and fertilizers.
  • Seeding controller with ISOBUS connectivity (optionally available).
Technical specifications
Working width
Number of openers
Row spacing

6 mts


19.1 cm

Working width
Number of openers
Row spacing

8 mts.


19.1 mts

  • Its heavy and robust chassis is built to work in the most extreme conditions of no-till seeding.
  • 8 meters version with exclusive "flexible chassis" system, unique in its segment, which allows it to seed in undulating terrain, always ensuring a perfect copying and implantation across the entire width of the machine.
  • Equipped with active hydraulic system that keeps the seeding uniformity constant regardless of the ground conditions. You can choose up to 250Kg. of pressure to achieve a perfect copy.
  • The 1.5 meters separation between row units provides a wonderful flow of stubble residue and at the same time offers great accessibility to perform maintenance tasks.
  • Thanks to the hydraulic openers blockage, just by moving a lever it is possible to move to a single seeding line (front or rear), allowing to seed at 38.2 cm of separation.
  • Equipped with pneumatic dosing system of approved efficiency at an international level, which ensures a consistent delivery of air and supplies, obtaining an excellent and highly equitable distribution in each opener.
  • High flotation wheels ensure a minimum compaction of the ground and great stability in transport.
  • Maximum wheelbase to avoid overturning in transport.
  • Exclusive thermosetting electrostatic powder painting system that provides high impact resistance, durability and the best surface finish in the industry.
  • Equipped by default with a high technology computer to monitor equipment and a wide variety of functions.
  • Axis with brake approved for the CE.
  • Auger loader.
  • Hydraulic horizontal displacement row markers.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic circuit to operate with open center tractors.
  • Double closing wheels with star disk.
  • Star disk for closing wheel.
  • Seeding controller with ISOBUS connectivity.
  • Variable rate system using prescription maps.


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