TANZI® Leaders Air Drill System



The seeders with air conduction system, internationally known as Air Drills, are a generation of seeders whose concept was started in the USA and Canada, where great capacity of work and working width is a main condition for sowing great extensions making the most of the periods of good humidity and the sowing time for each seed. This system reduces the amount of equipment and operators, and thus raises the competitiveness of the business.

The traditional "box drills" place the seeds and/or fertilizers in a hopper arranged along the seeder and the supplies fall into the openers by gravity. As a result, they cannot be folded vertically for transport, the capacity of supplies is limited and in order to fill the hopper it is necessary to move along it. On the other hand, the air drills use a system of central hopper of great capacity in which an air current is in charge of transporting the seeds and/or the fertilizer to the openers.

Tanzi was the pioneer more than 20 years ago in the development and introduction of the 9200 Air Drill to the Argentinian market, with a central hopper for the sowing of coarse and fine grains. In this way, it managed to be ahead of other national manufacturers in terms of development and innovation. These ones have to go through a long period of trial and error at the beginning, in order to obtain a reliable and efficient product like a Tanzi equipment.

Main advantages in comparison to the box drills:

  • Greater autonomy. Up to a 300% more than a box drill
  • Greater supply speed thanks to the central hopper and the auger conveyor. It is not necessary to move along the machine.
  • Possibility of unloading the machine with the same auger. In box drills this is an extremely tedious task.
  • It can be moved from one field to the other without getting off the tractor, just by activating the hydraulic lever. This is a task that requires too much time in a box drill.
  • Reduction of workers. The machine can be operated only by the tractor operator.
  • Posibbility of seeding any kind of grain or pasture just by changing the distribution box roller. The distributors of the box drills are only for the distribution of seeds and if you want to apply fertilizers or pastures you will need additional boxes with different distributors.
  • The air current coming from the turbine “dries” the fertilizer and allows to work under elevated humidity without producing clumping.

These and more functional and operative advantages make AIR DRILL machines an excellent ally to raise the productivity of your business.


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