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Special 5

Air Planter


The Special 5 Air Planter® is a new generation in coarse grain planting. Versions from 12.60 to 18.90 metres of working width with front folding and 3 independent hoppers that can be used indistinctively, either for grain or fertilizer.

It possess an electrohydraulic transference loading system and is equipped with the new TANZI row unit, built from one single piece of cast nodular steel and mechanised by CNC, which allows to provide the latest advances in high performance planting. It can be electric drives in meters for row-by-row control, inductive sensors in down tubes, load cells, pneumatic air springs or electro-hydraulic actuators.

  • For no-till planting with simple or double fertilization.
  • Front folding system. 3.90 metres of transport width.
  • Equipped with the new cutting-edge TANZI row unit, built from one single piece of cast nodular steel and mechanised.
  • Equpped with Precision Planting technology at different levels.
  • 3 hoppers of 2,700 litres each, possible to be used indistinctively for plain grain or grain and one or two fertilizers.
Technical specifications


Number of openers
Row spacing

12,6 mts

18 - 24 - 30 - 33 - 36

70 - 52 - 42 - 38 - 35 cm

15,75 mts

22 - 30 - 36 - 41 - 44

70 - 52 - 42 - 38 - 35 cm

18,9 mts

26 - 36 - 44

70 - 52 - 42 cm

  • A unique TANZI® chassis! Flexible (+/-20°) of 3 sections with front folding system (3.90 metres of transport width), wit floating hitch and hydraulically folded wings for transport.
  • Electrohydraulic system of loads transference from the central chassis to the spoilers that allows an even distribution of the weight and good depth of the wings.
  • The row unit is built from a single piece of cast nodular steel and mechanised by CNC. It has 16" opening discs, independent fertilizer drop and levelling wheel arms with bearings that eliminate all kind of maintenance and greasing. It allows to assemble any kind of component available in the market of precision agriculture, either electric drives in meters, down tubes with optical or inductive sensors, load cells, pneumatic air springs or electro-hydraulic actuators.
  • The new coulter system of 18" is assembled on bearings, which avoids premature wear and in turn is free from greasing. This combination is hitched to 44.4 mm diametre shanks that allow to work on the most aggressive soils without breakdowns.
  • Exclusive TANZI VDS patented system of supplies conduction.
  • Versions with electrohydraulic transmission for variable seeding and fertilization.
  • Versions with independent electric drives in the meters for row shut off and curve compensation.
  • Fertilizer distribution boxes built entirely in aluminium and non-ferrous materials to avoid corrosion by use.
  • Computer for equipment control for positioning tasks of work or transport as well as the control of the electrohydraulic transference system of loads.
  • Independent electric drives for meters that allow variable planting, row shut off and curve compensation.
  • Pneumatic air springs or electrohydraulic actuator for opener loading pressure.
  • Row cleaners.
  • Auxiliary circuit to operate with open center tractors or with low hydraulic flow.
  • Star discs in cover wheels.
  • Press wheels.


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