TANZI® Leaders Air Drill System



The seeder that consolidated TANZI in the market. A victory based on the client trust due to its performance and durability. It is more than 25 years of development of the legendary 4300, with hundreds of units sold around the world.

The updated 4350 combines the attributes of its predecessors to create a dynamic seeder. Suitable for no-till seeding, minimum tillage or conventional. It has the new TANZI single-disc openers. The design of the seedboot together with the renewed seals and bearings system of bigger dimensions guarantees a life cycle of years with minimum maintenance cost.

  • For no-till seeding of cereals, soybean and pastures.
  • Single-disc openers that provide a great lifespan and minimum maintenance cost.
  • Row spacing of 19.1 with hydraulic blockage of openers to seed at 38.2 cm.
  • Great capacity hoppers for grains and fertilizers.
  • Optional pasture hopper.
Technical specifications
3 mts
Number of openers
Row spacing

16 - 17
19,1 - 17,5 cm

3.8 mts
Number of openers
Row spacing

20 - 21
19,1 - 17,5 cm

4.5 mts
Number of openers
Row spacing

24 - 25

19,1 - 17,5 cm

4.9 mts
Number of openers
Row spacing

26 - 28

19,1 - 17,5 cm

  • Thanks to the hydraulic blockage, just by moving a lever it is possible to move to a single seeding line (front or rear), allowing to seed soybean at 35 cm or 38.2 cm of separation.
  • The active hydraulic system mantains seeding evenness constant independently of the ground conditions. You can choose up to 204 Kg. of down pressure to achieve a perfect copy.
  • The 1.23 metres of separation between rowing units provide an excellent flow of stubble residue.
  • Equipped with TANZI single-disc openers that assure a long lifespan with minimum maintenance tasks and cost
  • Transversal transport system with manual clutch for transmission disengagement.
  • The construction supplies hopper is completely bolted and can be assembled in 3 different positions: grain capacity predominating over fertilizer or viceversa and also a position to use plain grain. The cleanout of the fertilizer box is simple, just remove the fastening locks and you have access to washing and this way avoids corrosion
  • Dosage by sheave with sockets. This one is very popular because of the perfect distribution and the good treatment to the seed. In soybean grains it avoids shelling or damage that forced removers provoke.
  • Gearbox of seeding density variation of 54 gears with gears in oil bath, which allow to establish the seed dosage rate in a practical way and in a few seconds.
  • Exclusive system of electrostatic powder coating that provides great resistance to impacts, durability and the best superficial finish of the industry.
  • Hydraulic bi-articulated markers by default. The 4350 has a security system that activates in case of hitting any obstacle, either a trunk, stone, etc., making the arm go backwards to avoid breaking.
  • Box for pasture seeding.
  • Seeding monitor.
  • Double closing wheels with star disks.


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